• Versatility of use
  • Suitable for coated papers and synthetic substrates (PE, PP and PET)
  • Very good mechanical resistance (friction, scratching)
  • Low solvent and temperature resistance

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Wax-Resin Thermal transfer ribbons are the most versatile ribbons: they offer good performance on both paper and synthetic (“plastic”) labels. They provide excellent resistance and print quality over a wide variety of media and printing conditions.

Busitel offers a full range of Wax-Resin thermal transfer ribbons to suit all applications:

Standard Wax-Resin for applications that require good print quality and abrasion resistance on many substrates, including synthetic.

High performance Wax-Resin for industries requiring perfect print quality on delicate applications (specific media, small print) coupled with excellent resistance to friction. Ideal for pharmaceutical industry for example.

Near Edge Wax-Resin : range of thermal transfer ribbons specially dedicated for “Near Edge” technology printers such as Toshiba®, Avery®, Novexx®, Markem®, Videojet®, Linx®, … Ribbons offering excellent quality printing and resistance on paper or packaging films, even at very high speed.

wax-resin thermal transfer ribbons